Kim takes the artistic approach to landscape lighting by using the landscape and gardens as his canvas and the light as his brush to create beautiful landscape lighting. Many of his customers comment that his work is Magical. He believes the lighting should make the gardens come alive at night with soft, romantic lighting. His goal is perfection and wants his customers as well as himself completely satisfied.

Kim considers it is his responsibility and obligation to listen to his customers ideas and concerns about their landscape lighting project. Part of the design process is helping the customer identify the look and feel they wish to experience while viewing the different areas of their landscape and gardens. He not only reviews the areas from the outside but will go into the customer’s house to make sure that he creates the feeling of an extension of living space when looking out onto the illuminated landscape and gardens from inside the house. Kim feels when one is inside the house looking out onto the gardens from a window or glass door, they should be seeing a beautiful framed picture painted with light. 


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