Quality Lights That Last a Lifetime

Magical Lighting Landscape only offers to their customers’ at a fair value high quality and durable landscape lights made of natural metals that are corrosion resistant. The lights are imported from the United States from the leading landscape lighting companies.  Some of the light fixtures require a led bulb and some will have the led integrated into the light fixture.  They are very energy efficient and the life expectancy of the led ranges from 40,000 to 70,000 hours. 

They have the landscape lights available for sale to those who prefer not to have Magical Lighting Landscape do the installation.



The brass landscape light fixtures are heavy duty cast brass, not lightweight spun brass. They can be natural in color or have an antique finish applied to the natural brass as seen in the picture that look great in any landscape or garden. Let Magical Lighting show you all the different models they have available. 




Copper is also a great choice for the oceanside environment. Copper starts as a shiny metal but will age gracefully in the landscape and develop a dull copper finish with some patina in a short period of time. The copper light fixtures are so beautiful and natural looking in the landscape and gardens. There is no maintenace required for the copper metal light fixtures. Just let the metal do it’s thing.


Solid cast bronze landscape lights blend so perfectly in the landscape. They will naturally patina over time.  Bronze is impervious to damage and corrosion and is considered a top choice for beach side installations. The area lights shown in the picture have a copper stem.